Japanese style

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The popular Western-style ceremony is good, but if you were born in Japan, it’s hard to throw away the Japanese-style ceremony.

Recently, an increasing number of young women want to wear kimono instead of dresses.

Japanese style

A Japanese-style ceremony held at a shrine. It is called the Shinto ceremony because it swears love in front of God. The groom wears a crested hakama, and the bride wears pure white or colored uchikake. It is good to hold it at a famous shrine, but one of the attractions is that you can hold a ceremony at a shrine that has a connection to your family, such as the shrine that was taken care of at the time of Shichigosan and the ancestral gods.

At the ceremony, the “San-san-ku-do Cup” will be held, and a ceremony will be held in which both families become relatives. In the Shinto ceremony, not only the bride and groom become a married couple, but also the meaning of deepening the bond and bond between the two families is deeply included. Also, in general, Shinto ceremonies tend to be less expensive than Western-style ceremonies held in churches.